Our Project

Project Name: ANTI SKID STRIP CUTTING TABLE Customer: Manitou Group, G. Noida

A Manually operated Anti-Skid Strip cutting tool with workbench, to cut the strip for various lengths & provide edge radius as per the strip drawings. Cutting tools were provided with stack up area, Output bins, waste bins. Also, scale markings were provided to ensure length cutting of different variants.


Project Name: Damper Brkt Welding Fixture Customer: JBM (Assurance Group, Pune)

A Manual Clamping Spot Welding fixture, designed to spot weld 4 no's of mounting brackets, positioned at different orientation & angles. The project includes 1 Spot Welding Fixture, & 2 Spot weld Hand Jigs & 2 Hand Gauges.


Project Name: G7-Frame Mig Welding Assly Jigs Customer: Pashoot Ltd, Isreal

Manual Clamping Mig Welding Assly Fixtures, designed to weld G-7 frame as per design provided, including 2 Sub-Assly Fixtures & 1 Main Assly Fixture. The project consists of designing, 2d Detailing & BOM, for Pashoot Ltd, Isreal.

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